5 Best Underwater Drones, That You Can Buy Today!

underwater drones

This one’s really interesting because 99% of the time when we talk about drones, we’re talking about things that fly.

Today, not so much!

We’re going to be talking about the top 5 underwater drones for sale!. Did you know there are actually drones that do underwater stuff? These are really interesting and really cool.


5. TTrobotix SEAWOLF Ocean Master

TTrobotix SEAWOLF Ocean Master review

What a mouthful! They actually debut this drone at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas last year and a really cool thing about these drones they’re compatible with GoPros. We all know GoPros are a super high quality camera depending on which one you get and you can use pretty much any of them with this this drone. However, is not cheap it comes in about $1,500 to $2,000 but it also comes with extras like a RC remote controller, 7-inch monitor and it can go down to 200 feet. It has a max speed of 2 knots which is like 6 miles an hour I think and the livestreams to go your monitor (because why would you have a monitor if it doesn’t work) and it has big LED driving flashlights about 15 minutes of drive time underwater. It honestly looks really fun, looks really cool.

This is the only this is the only drone on this entire list that actually can do saltwater and freshwater. I don’t know if there’s any kind of crossover thing you have learned for that it didn’t say but it can do both of those. It also has like an equivalent of a return to home feature where if there was something wrong like a transmission signal is lost or the battery’s getting critical low or even if it’s leak or it think that there’s a hole leak or something like that then it automatically surface wherever.


4. Aquabotix HydoView

Aquabotix HydoView

We have the hydro view. It is made by a company called Aquabotix which also makes the Integra which is a super professional-grade underwater drone. The HydroView is listed as recreational but you’ll see that I don’t particularly feel that they’re piloted through like an Ipad, Android or PC. It has a 1080p regular HD camera on it cloaked with four front-facing LED lights. It has two to three hours of battery life. I’ve actually seen some reviews where people are talking about they’ve got it down to 330 feet and it goes up to 5 knots which is 6 miles an hour. What it does it have is a broadcast station to be able to control it so the thing the reason why this is so low on the on the list is because it ain’t cheap.

There’s a sport version of it that’s $6,000 but comes with a 70 foot tail tether and 8 gigabytes of memory. Then there’s a plus $7000 150 foot plus 32 gigs of memory. The third one is the max version which comes in at a whopping 9,000 200 foot teather, 32 gigabytes of memory, orientation depth and temperature sensors which I feel like, I want it on any of them at this price.


3. Fathom One

Fathom One review

Fathom was actually a Kickstarter project so it’s not out yet. It’s so exciting that I had to talk to you about it because it comes in pretty cheap at about $599 dollars. It has about a one hour battery life, 3 knots max speeds, HD 1080p and it goes down to 150 feet. It also sports a front mount LED to help you see in the murky waters! This drone was made to be modular so that you can actually add things to it. You could have bars and add extras to it so you can actually use different LED setups or maybe an even bigger camera (which I would personally use).

If I was going to be doing any kind of underwater stuff, if I could make that work, that’s camera Guam because there’s no light underwater. Either way this drone is pretty cool and I think it’s going to be great but that doesn’t mean anything because of the Kickstarter, and well, we’ve experienced this before about Kickstarter’s and things like that don’t mean anything.


2. OpenROV

OpenROV review

This is people that are real tinkerers. People that are actually professional racing drone pilots or people who know how to solder and do all the stuff on the way. I like to build but if you know you’re that person, then this is your drone underwater. That is because you’re gonna have to build this thing, like I mean, actually build it. This is not a beginner thing but you need a soldering iron, electrical tape, acrylic cement and more. So if you like building stuff and know how, then this is great.

While I like to build, I don’t like building technical stuff so I wouldn’t get this drone. But if you do then get it then it’s actually pretty cheap compared to the hydro view. It’s only around¬† $900 bucks. But you know like all the extra upgrades going to cost more if you want to get a longer life battery. It comes with a two to three hour battery and you can get one for three to five. Maximum depth is 328 feet, though that’s more than any of these other ones we are reviewing. The camera is a ste camera which I believe is 720p but it says it’s upgradable 1080, however it has limited latency which means that you’re not going to be able to go as far and be able to see what’s going on. It also has a tilting camera so you might be able to do more drone like moves. It also has 200 lumen LED which is a certain level of brightness which can be upgraded to seven hundred lumen LEDs which sounds brighter to me.

So yeah the price of this is incredibly variable depending on how much you want to tinker with it and you can control it from. Your laptop can do video streaming and you know it does pretty much anything you want to control this whatever you wanna do with it you can do it because it’s so modular

1. Power Ray Underwater Drone

PowerRay Drone review

At number 1 is the power ray! And if you havnt been watching any drone or news segments, you should definitely check those out. You’ll see that the power of vicious power ray dual out this summer. If you have it is about to be the standard of underwater ROV. It has a 4k camera already integrated in it, you can go down to 100 feet and this thing is like pretty much it! I guess they’re pissing it to fishing the fishermen because obviously we have trouble fishing at this point, but yeah, it has a fish finding sonar so you can pretty much a drop a detector in the water.

It even has like an internal light that claims to lure fish towards it which just feels like cheating so hard. You know I thought part of fishing with learning and patience that’s why I don’t like fishing haha. I mean it’s pretty cool. I wouldn’t call this fishing personally but it’s really cool because I want to play with this thing with a 4k camera. I need 4k camera to fish! Either way it’s compatible with first-person (FPV) goggles and can be driven with them. You can literally be looking around and it will follow your eyes and go wherever you tell it to go which is really cool and I’m hoping that they can deliver on all these promises for a reasonable price point. I haven’t told the price point yet.

Thats our round up this week. If you find any other cool drones then leave a comment below!

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