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clickfunnels affiliate review

I do a lot of stuff with click funnels and especially their affiliate program. A lot of what I know started with that affiliate bootcamp. Today want to show you the backend and what you’re going to get. It’s important to note that the affiliate bootcamp is completely free.

So if you’re looking for a review before you sign up; I would just go below and sign up right now:

There’s no reason not to join. It’s free and there’s tons of important information.

When you log into your your affiliate bootcamp for the first time, you will be taken to the dashboard. Here it’s going to give you all the different courses for each day and as you can see, it’s actually a 100 day challenge. Clickfunnels gives you a hundred days worth of tons and tons of information on how to succeed not only as a click funnels affiliate, but as an affiliate in general

It teaches you a lot of things, like how much you can spend, how to make a lot more money per customer etc. For the first 5 to 10 days is it’s it’s Russell Brunson on video. If you’re not familiar with him, He is the founder of clickfunnels. Russell Brunson is very, very good with sales funnels. These are presentations that a lot of people paid a lot of money for and he’s giving presentations on strategy on how to do well online. It’s so packed with good information.

Honestly the affiliate bootcamp should just be called the “online marketing bootcamp” because it has sections about affiliate marketing, but it’s just packed with how to be a successful online marketer, how to create sales funnels, how to make a ton of money off each person that comes through your funnel, and other things.

He talks a lot about about creating offers about email sequences. This is to make money on the backend off people that you capture in an email address. This is great because after someone opt’s in to clickfunnels, a small percentage of everything that that person spends down the road on clickfunnels is earn’t by you. So if he sends out an email for a new product; someone buys it and they had originally come in through my link, then I get a percentage of that. Russell Brunson will continually sells them stuff on your behalf.

Russell has tons and tons of products they’re all quality products.

People love them

They help people make money

All you need to do is get someone into that funnel and he’ll do the rest. Not only is Russell really good at upselling, but he also gives you all those all those email upselling secrets and the sequences that he uses.

On days 11 through 15 they do have some funnel training. They teach you a little bit about how to use click funnels but i’m going to be honest, it’s not a lot you’re not going to come away feeling like you know how to build anything in click funnels. It will teach you the fundamentals but you will need to make a practice funnel or 2 before you go pro.

Another great part of the affiliate bootcamp is they teach you how to run Facebook ads. They actually take you into their Facebook account, they’ll show you ads they’ve created and kind of the strategy that they use when they’re running ads.

In the affiliate bootcamp they talk a lot about other traffic sources. There’s five or six videos where he talks about funnel scripts so one of the biggest keys to success as an affiliate, or as anything in online as an online marketer. The fact is that changing a few words and copy can take your conversion from 1% to 5% and the difference between 1% 5% is probably the difference between you losing money each month and you making money each month.

It’s a very important aspect of sales and being able to write copy that really compels people to to go with your offer and he has a lot of training on that and the tools and offers on that as well. They teach you a lot about split testing in the next section. He teaches you how to how to make these split tests and and how to really figure out what’s working, and what’s not. That’s really the only way you’re ever going to find out how to succeed, what people really want, and what they want to buy.

Honestly the rest of this in my opinion not amazing or super important. I kind of feel like at the end they were kind of scrabbling for stuff. The first 50 days is mind boggling, especially the first 10 days. If you can just get through the first 10 days, you will know so much more about online marketing than you ever thought you could know, AND FOR FREE. So it’s totally worth signing up in my opinion.

If you really want to succeed as a Clickfunnels affiliate, I’m going to be honest, you need to sign up for click funnels. You can’t promote and actively get people to use something that you don’t use yourself. People eventually figure it out. It’s only $100 a month. I know that can seem like a steep price but if you can just get your first two people signed up, you’re paying for your click funnels account and you can go from there.

I promise you will do much better if you have a click funnels account.

As a clickfunnels affiliate they pay 40% so it’s a very lucrative program it’s got a lot of potential, but you need to spend a month or so first taking the affiliate bootcamp signing it for clickfunnels, making sure you understand it and then you’ll be able to really succeed as a clickfunnels affiliate.

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